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20-24 In Support of Black Lives with Sara.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on-air June 8th

Black lives do matter, the persecution that people of colour have been through for 400 years is simply not acceptable and must stop now.

As the young girl above says, Black Lives matter, they are not saying only black lives matter, but this fight right now with the system, the police and society, and its racism has to change.

The only way we are going to change this is by each one of us looking at our own perceptions and in how we see people of colour in its self. Understanding of the right to live is for everyone’s skin, it is a human and all life forms right. Targetting black people because your programing says they are killers rapes and more if one big blanket of a lie, and if you would only converse with a person of color you will see what they bring to the table of life and how much you would gain by it, I know I have through the years and I am better of for knowing such wonderful people of colour.

We are products of our programing and our history, but we can rewrite that for we have free will. We can listen to what our black community would like us to hear, we can stand with them in the fight against police violence and hypocrisy. Yes, there is a high number of violence with people of colour, why? because we neglect them, we persecute them, we label them and we stifle them before they have a chance to grow or even believe there is a chance in life for them. So let us stop that, and take a look at the root of the problem which is racism and poverty and lack of support and start to heal the roots and let things grow with equality respect and love.

We may not know what it is like to live in their shoes, but if you have ever known fear especially fear of your life, you understand that.

So as we are being woken up and shaken up? Yes, so let us step up and be the change all people of colour need, for under that skin we all bleed the same and we all seek the right to work, walk, drive, to love and live in a place without fear of losing ones life to racism.


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