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20-19 Mourning the Dead and Hailing the Caregivers.

Dying alone, caring for others until they drop, it is time to mark for those who have lost their lives and care for the caregivers giving all they have to save as many as they can.

This covid death toll is still growing, and will grow more as people forget to social distance and respect the extent of the virus. Loved ones are dying alone, in pain, scared and unable to have someone by their side to say good bye.

Then there are the loved ones who know their loved ones are alone and can not do anything about it and who also do not get to say good bye.

Now the caregivers, tirelessly working to care for those fighting for their lives. Covid has taken over, if you have heart problems or anuthing else you are up against the virus and its demand for immediate attention.

So may people are too scared to go to hospital with other problems so scared of getting the virus or if they will be seen. They are dying at home, mostly alone.

The medical world is up against the clock, the lack of needed suplies, fatigue, worry over their own families, not seeing them in case they take it home and many dying on the job.

It is time to heartfully soulfully mourn the dead and support those who have lost someone through any kind of death right now. This mourning will be hard and long.

It is also time to understand that are caregivers are going to need pour support during and after this. What they have seen, the tremdouse starin they are under and the P.T.S.D they will go through once it is over.

Please, while you are asked to stay home and you are feeling bored, think of those who will not go home and those who would love to hug their families again. Let us be there for them in heart, in thoughts, in kindness and caring, for where would we be with out them, so let us be there for them.

Please support your local food banks, reach out to someone who has lost someone, they need some caringness, do something for a caregiver ( be it helping out with dinner, their kid’s transport, etc)

For those who do not take it seriously, this will come back on you, for those who are stepping up, THANK YOU, and there is still more to be done.

Bless all the souls gone home, all the loved ones greiving, all the caregivers healing, all those who are helping.


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