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20-06 Breathing away Anxiety over our kids

Sara’s View of life with Sara Troy on air from February 4th

Being a Mum can have some very anxious moments and ones where we need to be calm and collected. That can be easier said than done when facing a crisis, but with the right technics like taking a breath, we can be centered and handle the situation in the now.

I know what it is like to feel their pain, worry over their own anxiety and want to take it all away from them, but we can’t all we can do is be their strength and help them through it.

Taking a breath, a 5-minute break or a momentary breath really helps one center one’s self in order to deal with the situation. Breathing gives us clarity and focus and with that, we can face anything head-on.

I share my breathing approach over the years when facing things with my own children. Join me here.



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