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20-05 Our Choices Direct Us Good or Bad

Sara Troy on Sara’s View Of Life on air from January 28th

We are our choices good or bad, we are our reactions, good or bad, how do we not react to negativeness around us how do we stay cool calm and collected? it is a choice.

We are made up of our choices in life, even the ones we did not choose for our selves, for it is a choice in how we react to them. I know it can be hard when someone is on the attack to not respond, but choosing not to respond gives you control and takes it away from them.

So how do we stay calm during an alteration? we breathe deeply in and release out, we breathe until we feel centered, we breathe until the person has stopped, then we calming say, where you addressing me? sorry I tuned out. We do not feed the alteration by a fist verbal, because that will take it over the top, but if they feel they have not got the upper hand and you have made the choice not to respond back, they generally back off.

This week I speak to our choices and in how we need to be mindful, heartful and make choices in our life that serves us so we can serve others., and how to face conflict and not buy into it.




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