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20-03 Leave Megan and Harry alone.

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from January 14th.

They are not property, they are human beings and have a right to choose there life style. Do we not have a choice in life in how we want to live it? I that not living authentically? Let them find their way in life.

The Hysteria over Megan and Harry choosing a path for them selves is ridicules. UK Tax payers paid for their wedding so we own them is darn right wrong, the UK made a lot of money of that wedding and it served the UK well.

Where is the right to choose ones own path in life? Harry has his entire life been in the spot light and has served his country well. He has served in the army, many organizations, and titillated us all with his shenanigans. He owes us nothing.

It is obvious that the delayed reaction to his mothers death has come into play the way the press has treated his wife. He has now become protective in a way he could not protect his mother.

I am sad about the rift between brothers, but believe it won’t last, their bond is too strong. They are each taking their own path. Will will be king and he is as dutiful as his grand-mama the Queen, Kate his strong right arm. Having Harry on the outskirts may serve he well in the future, keep him grounded to the vibration of life outside of the crown.

Harry and Megan are not leaving the Royal family, just not being employed by them anymore, he is free to make his own choice, he is not a SLAVE to the crown or the UK. They have every right to choose their own path in life as we do.

Are you at a cross roads in life living an expectation that your just don’t want to fill anymore? Then be inspired by Harry and Megan and find your own way your own calling, your own heart and soul, for we need you and your divine gift as it is a part of sustaining our world.




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