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20-02. 2020 Pearls of Wisdom

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life on air from January 7th.

2020 what kind of year will it be for the world? already war is raising its ugly head and the fires in Australia are destroying life and earth, what else will we have to face?

What ever we have to face this year let us do it with kindness, a caringness, a sense of community. We have lived in judgment for centuries, all it does is condemn and breed hate, how does love have a chance in that arena? We start with caring and showing compassion for each other, we can condemn an action but need to understand why it is being done in the first place. Maybe if we choose to hear each other, listen, learn and care about what we are saying, we can bring some kindness into the mix and understand the why, for not knowing is why we constantly repeat the bad stuff.

If you are feeling left behind, in pain, sorrow, fear or even hate, try a little tenderness towards someone else, when you make a difference in the life of another you begin to feel how kindness and caring can make you feel. Do it over and over again till you feel kindness towards your self, for that is the start of self love.

I share 2020 Pearls of Wisdom here just as a perspective of how to interact and become part of the solution this year. After all it could be the best year in the worlds history if we decide to feed the solution and not the fear or pain.



May 2020 be a most magnificent year of kindness and love to you all.


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