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19-43 Sara’s UK experience

I had a wonderful trip to the UK to see my brother and sister to celebrate our coming of years. As time is passing us by so fast, getting together is a gift as one nevers knows what tomorrow holds, we are 65, 70 and 78, and living in the now is key.

We did so much, lots of walking, dining, shopping, seeing exhibits, movies, and more, it was a full trip.

First was having a wonderful lunch with my cousins, hosted by my cousin Cathrine whom I had not seen in 44 years, she and her husband Darius Rubeck (Dave Rubeck’s sons and also a musician, (who I interviewed here) bought us a fabulous lunch at a 1400 century pub in Rye, my sister Jane was there and my cousin Bridgette and Susie.

My sister and I went to see the Mary Quant exhibit a designer from the ’60s who changed fashion completely, then on to a fabulous meal at The Builders Arms in Chelsie, beautiful trout done in a chili sauce.

My brother and I went back to his new home in Grimsby and had a week of walks, good food and relaxation. I read his new book in the works called “We feel your pain so you don’t have to” it will make a great movie. MORE ON SAMS WORK HERE.

We went to so many great restaurants, like the Doggie cafe where you and your dog can dine, a Vegan cafe in Louth wonderful scones all vegan, fish cakes at Willies pub in Cleethorpes, and a lovely lunch in an old school room in Horncastle.

We went back to London to have my last few days together, We went to the Borough Market and had the most fantastic Paella, the market is filled with wonderful spices, loaves of bread, cheeses, lunch delights and it was great.

We went by St Francis Drakes ship and saw the tallest building in London. It was a beautiful warm day as was most of them while there. Life was buzzing and people buying as was I, and London is in a constant state of building.

The Strand and other wonderful buildings.

My sister and I went to see the Downton Abby movie and loved it, it was so much fun. My brother and I went to see Ad Astra, the Brad Pitt movie, a nice story building movie that did not rely on all action.

Our birthday dinner was at an Italian restaurant in Beckenham, I had mussels, cannelloni, and cream caramel and throughout this trip, I have had wonderful wine.

I am very grateful to them and my kids who made it possible for me to go to the UK and see family, a wonderful trip and so good to be with relatives again.

One thing I could have done without is Brexit, my sister is very involved in it and it got intense, I did a show while there on politics. You Can find that here.




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