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19-42 Becoming a Senior at 65

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on-air October 15th

October 6th I turned 65 years old and now I am officially a senior.

Growing older does not worry me, as I have lost so many way too young, aging is a gift and a gift we need to embrace and put to good use.

There are some perks to becoming a senior, free ferry ride between Vancouver Island and the Mainland, cheap annual bus pass. Senior discount days in most places, so some benefits.

Age is a gift on wisdom if you have taken you Self Discovery of who you are and what your purpose is here n earth. That journey can be done at any age, and one would hope by 65 has been done, but it is never too late to explore ourselves from the inside out.

I feel blessed to be this age, I still have a lot to do in life but now I know to pace my self, listen in and do what needs to be done when I can and not when someone else demands it. My journey to inner wisdom has been taking place since 1994, am I here yet? no, because there are always things to learn about one’s self and our journeys in life. It is not over until this body expires, then our soul and spirit takes what we have learnt forward to the next life.

So do not be afraid of ageing, or going grey/silver, don’t hide the wrinkles, or the drooping boobs and gut, it is who we are now, we are not meant to look like a 20-year-old.

Age gracefully, no you do not have to let your self go, there still is self-dignity, but don’t sweat what age is doing to us, go with the flow. We can aid our selves with a good healthy lifestyle, our eating habits, moderate drinking, not smoking, exercising, living with an abundant attitude to life in mind body and spirit. We can participate in activities that fuel us and share our wisdom with those who are learning about life.

There is so much to do at this age, so many like my self are still working, some of us have too, so choose to, some have embraced all-new careers. Some have taken up hobbies that keep them busy, but do not sit around feeling sorry for your self, for life is about living and loving life.

So do not run from your age, do not try to be an age your not. Be healthy, young in spirit, be positive, be productive, but embrace your age even though it is just a number, it is also your body’s clock winding down but still a long way to go.








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