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19-40 Know Your Political Parties and Decide for yourself…

Politics politics, normally I stay away from it, but I am in the UK and every hour every show is on Brexit, to leave or stay in the EU. It is causing such a divide and so much mudslinging, that a party NO one wants in is worming the way in because everyone else is concentrating on hanging Borris Johnson even at the cost of their own country, it is mindblowing.

Every day we see more and more ridiculous news on our global politicians, thigh gate, Borris apparently touch a womans thigh 20 years ago but it has taken 20 years for her to come forward to complain, just at the time the opposition are gunning for Borris to be out because they want to stop Brexit. How low can they keep on going?

Hong Kong and China at odds with each other over human rights, but looking at China’s army will they ever get those rights? Russia is worming their way in America politics and taking over other countries, are we are the brink of another war? and if we are which candidate would be the best to face these troubled times with a clear head?

Then in Canada my home, you have the blackface Trudeau being slandered on every media to shame him out of office, I will not be swayed by mudslingers, the more you mudsling the more I stand my ground and will not be swayed by such behaviour. Look at what each candidate is doing or wants to do to serve your country and ask your self, does it serve the whole or only a few? Then decide if in the long term everyone benefits.

Of cause, you have the USA, for the last 3 years, it has been entirely about Trump, this Tweet, that Tweet, firing people left right and centre and lying over and over again. Now we are looking at Impeachment and an upcoming election next year and with so many democrats, how does one decide?

Outcomes the mudslinging, the putdowns, the destroy attitude at any cost including their integrity, it does not build confidence in the people just hysteria.

Trump as a president has been a joke scary one at that, he has been found to be a criminal and lowlife that has the world all shook up not knowing what he will do next because of his instability. We need someone with integrity, gumption and common sense in the White House to make America great again WHO WILL UNIT NOT ONLY THEIR COUNTRY BUT THE WORLD.

So get out and vote, but first read, listen, ask questions and deduce who will be the better person in power that will truly serve your country.

Socrities said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of losers”.





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