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19-37 Pearls of Wisdom….Caring

Disasters are everywhere, the Amazon burning, fires in Africa, and elsewhere, Hurricane Dorian flattening the Bahamas, one thing after the other, it is easy to be overwhelmed.

This is a time we can thank whatever source we paray to that we are safe and sound, but who knows what tomorrow brings and who is next. So it is time to CARE….REALLY CARE.

At times like this is is a time to step up and help our fellow man/woman.child/animal/lifeforms. It is time not to say, “well it does not affect me so who cares” You should care, the Amazon provides 70% of the Earths oxygen, you breathe every moment of every day. These fires destroy lives, crops, your food, and lifeforms. We all pay the price in the end.

We know that governments are not stepping up, money for Fema has been directed to preventing children from entering the US and seems more important than other lives. We know that the Brazilian president does not care for the Amazon and wants to have heavy agriculture instead as it makes more money and is rejecting help from other countries.

So how do we CARE when they don’t? We care because we value life more than money, we care because we understand the ripple effect to us all, we CARE BECAUSE WE HAVE A HEART.

So in any which way you can support those in need, money donations, a money drive at school or work, gathering items to go to the Bahamas and where ever else is needed.

Imagine for one moment that this WAS YOU, would you not want someone somewhere to care? Would you not want someone to help in rebuilding your lives? Don’t wait for governments, we are a human race who need to step up and CARE and do whatever we can to help in any way we can. ONE DROP ADDS UP SO DROP SOME CARING ON SOMEONE SOMEWHERE.



Bahama’s needs us right now, in any way we can. For the people of the Bahamas. Coming together into each other’s arms starts the healing, allow tears, allow rage, allow pain but then allow strength and courage to guide you all forward in the recovery of your lives. To help please go here


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