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19-30 Naked Hearts not Naked Bodies

There is a TV show called Naked out of the UK, it is a meat market. The female contestants are standing naked in a tube and a bloke is looking at them from the ankles up and dismissing them as it goes up depending on their bodies.

I am not a prude I don’t think, but I am upset when in an area of holding men accountable for abuse, sexual exploitation, rape, demeaningness and more, why are we doing shows on body parts and sex for nothing?

Women have fought forever to be respected, valued for her person, not her body and to be treated as an equal and not a piece of sexual meat.

I am all for us women stepping into our sensuality, igniting our mind-body souls and hearts in everything we do. It is ok to be a sexual woman if it is mutual and not just for a f-ck but for a connection between sensual beings.

We can step into our feminity, we can embrace our curves, we can sensually connect to all living vibrations feeling life run through our veins, but, this does not mean it is an invitation to screw just because we are being women.

Let us not go backwards and lower our selves to that of a lump of meat for some dicks pleasure. Invite men to see the whole of us and love who we are from the inside out, our souls our heart our spirited mind and not just our bodies, everyone will experience so much more by doing this.



So although loving your body, being sexually free and liberated, let us not lose sight of our dignity and honour ourselves in a loving light.


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