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19–28 Entitlement versus Gratitude

Entitlement, a belief that you are owed more than anyone else and the fact you do not care who suffers because of it.

Are we entitled to live a happy productive life? Yes, we are, if we are willing to work for it. We can have all the abundance in the world if we are willing to work for it. We can be enriched and prosperous if we are willing to pay our dues along the way. BUT, we are not entitled to have what we want when we want it just because we want it, especially if it comes at the expense of the planet and people.

Opulence and entitlement are incredibly dangerous in the hands of those with no heart, no soul connection, and no consciousness, for as long as they have, they don’t care who suffers for it.

We have seen so much evidence of this through history, and now thanks to CNN and Twitter and all media sensationalism we are seeing even more opulent behaviour than ever before. Over the last 30 + years the media advertising has made zombies out of us and sold us a bag of rubish that more is more, and if you don’t have more, you are worth nothing.

This push to consumerism is not only killing our planet but has killed our morality, empathy, respect, consideration, and heart, for we have been taught that you need things and status to define your value, your self worth and this has caused a deep disconnect within our hearts, souls, spirits and has polluted our minds.

ENTITLEMENT needs to be made obsolete, and Gratitude NEEDS TO BE INSTILLED in our daily lives.

Over the last few decades with my counseling and podcast interviewing, I have come across so many empty people who feel heart, spirit, and purpose conscious poor. They rode this wave of more is more and at the end of it found they were not only financially poor but spiritually and heart poor too. Most people had to deal with some sort of illness and debt and a disconnect from the loved ones as communication had been lost due to this divide. All of them felt sick and empty and devoid of any joy in their lives, more like they had become slaves to the need to be and have MORE.

Their journeys back to heart, back to spirit and stepping into a more meaningful purposeful life, has given them an abundance that no exterior purchasing every did. They became ENRICHED by becoming of service to others which ignition of GRATITUDE in deeply meaningful ways.


Our EGOS, when ignited out of proportion, can make people feel superior and more ENTITLED than others, a false illusionment and one that can cause an incredible amount of harm to the egotistic and those in their path. EGO can become narcissistic which = Entitlement but is derived by a deep sense of insecurity within the entitled person.

This entitlement is not just on consumerism or a sense of superiority, but on race and religion too. We see people of a so-called faith dictating who is worth Gods love and who is unworthy. That is not a job for mankind by that only of the spirit of God.

We see MAN demean and abuse women because they think they are a superior race, again not God’s message. We see people condemned by the colour of their skin and treated as less than, again not God’s message. We see the poor made poorer to keep them in place as servants to the rich, not God’s work. We see opulent people using other people for their own gain and believe that they are entitled because they are richer, because of their status and superiority, and believe that is power, again not God or anyone else’s message.

The need for Power, Greed, Superiority, over others is a dis-ease that has damaging consequences to all.


Our purpose here on Earth is in Self Discovery of our gift that we share in service with our communities.

Only with the willingness to go through life and face our challenges and become stronger, more courageous and empowered by the experience can we become that beautiful instrument that serves the Orchestra of Life.

So let us look at ENTITLEMENT in our own lives and question if that attitude warrants being there, for being humble and grateful for this incredible planet that provides us all we need, by being a participant in all areas of life, by sharing, giving, and creating opportunities do we then truly understand why we are here.

When you step into Love and Gratitude and understand that the struggles are just a self-exploration of our meaningful purpose here, then you will know that everything you are and everything you have you deserve because you journeyed for it and you are grateful for the experience.




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