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19-27 To be me or not to be me…becoming Us.

I am an old duck, always been different, always seen things differently, always done things differently. Many people just do not get me, that’s ok, it took me a while to get me too, why? Because I was living as two different souls and only when I merge the two did I discover the real me.

This can be said for many a soul, we live our lives in expectation of living up to societies dictation, fitting in, not rocking the boat, being a sheeple and never encouraged to seek or embrace a dream of the gift one was given in this life to fulfil. We are here to be so much more than we are taught to be.

Permission and allowing our selves to become that awesome person from the inside out is what our lives are all about. The struggles, the falls, the redirects, are all lessons on becoming you, they are to show you your courage, your strength and your ability to rise above your situation and see the solution or possibilities no matter what you are going through, but more of what you become because of it.

I lived my life trying to be what others wanted me to be, only to let them down because I could not be that person. As Poppy said “I am what I am” and that is what I am meant to be.

We waste so much of our lives trying to fit in, trying to become someone others would approve of and be something that is of perceived importance. When all the while, we are important in our own lives and when in sync with self in the lives of others just by being ourselves.

Why do we worship famous people, powerful people? Do we want to be like them or do we think they are Godly like and supreme in some way? They are just like us, but maybe have taken their journey into being and now are sharing that success with others, their share their gifts, but they had to take the path to inner truth and embracement to become someone you look up to.

There are those who have been put on a pedicle for nothing, just for being popular but not contributing to humanity other than being famous. There are those who are in power who got there through unscrupulous ways and now we fear and hold them in awe for their supreme power we gave it to them and we can take it back. We cower to these tyrants, but we forget together we are the power and can dethrone these dictators in our lives. So why don’t we.?

We are the answer, we have the power, we are enough, and we on our own Self Discovery can become the solution to our own lives and that of all life on this planet.



Sara Troy on our becoming ourselves


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