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19-04 Forever Evolving with the Need

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from January 22nd 

One has to evolve to grow. We can not rest on our laurels nor can we hope nothing changes, for it does and we must be willing to change with it.

So Self Discovery Radio has changed its name to reflect the vast broad area of growth we are in. We started out as PLV Radio (Positive Living Vibrations) then see the confusion changed it to Self Discovery Radio. Self Discovery has been a big hit, but radio limited us, I tried to add TV to it, but still it pigeoned hold us and growth is what we want, not limitations.

Self Discovery Media as we are now for known, speaks to the many channels one can have in all media arenas, and that allows us to spread our wings even further.

It is a step by step process and making sure we are sure footed, but evolving into new direction is in play and will soon be revealed.






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