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18-40 Turning 64 and Much More to DO

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from October 2nd

Turning 64, is it just another number or meaning something different?

I am turning 64 October 6th, when I was young I did not see myself where I am today, but what did I know of life’s journey at that point, not much. When your young you think 64 is ancient, but I remember meeting people and admiring them at this age, who they were, what they had achieved, and it made me happy to gather the  years of wisdom and not be afraid of growing older.

It is only when your here that you truly understand all the strife and struggles it has taken to get here and in gathering all that wisdom. Yet, we also see it as a gift, to be here, still to have choices, still to be active, and still to have many more years of wisdom gathering ahead of us.

Would I like to have more things in place? yes, would I like to have someone to share it with? yes, would I like to be stable? yes, but I am not finished and all have that is still achievable if I want it.

So role on 64, let us see what you have in store for me, for I have a lot to ask of you a lot to achieve this 64th year, so let’s get to it and gather more wisdom to share and gather life love and purpose under my belt.







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