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18-37 Home is WHERE you Feel at Home

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from September 11th

I love Victoria BC, I call it my village city because it has everything you could need and because it have a village feeling. I have just moved from Esquimalt, right by the naval docks, a nice area if you have a car, and if you have a family and like strip malls. Been there done that, for me it did not give me the community feeling I seek.

I am now in Fernwood, 4 mins to downtown, (by bus, 15 walking) 10 mins either way to coffee bars, pubs, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, and more. More importantly, it feels like a community where you feel a part of it. I have spoken to so many people already and look forward to our next meeting. I can go anywhere alone and not feel uncomfortable, like to a pub. I have wonderful homes around me that have great personalities, just like me. Lol.

I feel a little like I am in England but also a wonderful memory of South Africa, that 70’s hippie vibe meets new age millennials.

Are you at home where you are? Home is where the heart is, where your soul, spirit and mind are,  but is your heart still looking for a place that feels like a home? Home is important, yes you go everywhere you go, but when your in a place that matches your vibe, it feels welcoming and home. I am living right now with a wonderful 5ft dot, 85 year old fiesty black belt woman, and she is so much fun, and I feel safe in her presence, really safe.

Next year my own home, in this area, I have found the land, and when it is time, I will find the home to have all my family possessions around me and a place my children can come to too.

Match your good vibration with a place that embraces them, then you are truly home.





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