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18-32 The Universe is Guiding us, Allow it to Happen

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from August 7th

We ask the universe to guide us and show us our way, so ALLOW it and stop demanding of dictating what you think HAS to happen.

I have learnt by now, that however much you want things to happen your way, the universe always gets its way. All we can do if see a dream, act on it by blueprinting that dream into a plan, then give it up to G.U.S (God Universe Spirit) and wait to hear instruction on when where how and with whom to implement it.

It’s like when planting of the seeds, you know what you want to see grow, those seeds should produce XYZ, but we know that stranger things have happened and what will grow will grow, all we have to do it water the seeds of vision and tend to the land and await its growth.

Now I do not say sit back and do nothing, watering the seeds with belief, purpose, preparation and love, guides the growth into a beautiful harvest. What I am saying is do not dictate how and when the seeds of your dream should grow, for the only control we have is in the nurturing not in the results.

Be prepared to redirect, to readjust, to rethink, for along the way it will require you to attend to things in a different way than you thought it would. Do not be steadfast in what the result should be, but ALLOW it to be what the universe needs it to be for you.

I have planted many a tree of dreams along my way, and many never came to fruition, but all of them gave me some wisdom to take forward to implementing my true dream, that I did not I wanted until it presented its self, for in allowing I was guided to my meaningful purpose and to what my real dream was even before I knew it. I knew I wanted to make a global difference somehow, I knew I wanted to help humanity find its way back to ignition of heart and soul, but I did not know it would be this way until I allowed IT TO HAPPEN.

NOW in my 6th year of living my dream, I have helped more people that I could have in any of my other ways, for I took the untrodden path and allowed my self to be guided into a purpose I was always seeking.  YOU CAN TOO….





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