18-30 Tradition, do we keep them even if the are archaic?

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from July 24th

Tradition, just because it was does that mean it still should be?

We follow traditions as if they are carved in stone, but just because they have been, does not mean they should be. Some traditions have totally lost their meaning, some so archaic they have no meaning anymore, yet we hold on to them for the fear of our world coming apart it f don’t.

I love the tradition of respect, of values and considerations. I love Christmas but it means something different for us, it became a tradition of family and friends, a togetherness in gratitude and love for our gift of life. I love the tradition of respecting our elders, our parents and the respect of opening a door for someone, of being courteous, of manners in general.

Some traditions have been modernized, so simply adjusted, but some held onto so tight as an excuse for their actions. Like child marriages, it is a tradition, and it is one that has to go. Husbands lording over their wives, one that has to go. Like non-equel pay, it has to go, also its a mans world, a tradition that needs to be very much adjusted.

There are so many things we need to look at in our daily lives as to why do we hold on to tradition? Is it fear of letting go, is it too easy to use them as an excuse? like it has always been this way so why change it now excuse, you need to change it because it is wrong. Some simply need to be adjusted, but many traditions have had their day and need to go bye bye.


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