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18-29 Love is Simple so Simply Love

Sara Troy on Sara’s View Life, on air from July 17th 

Love makes the world go round, it is as simple as that. You can not live in hate with love in your heart and veins, for they are 2 totally difference vibrations. So many have been hurt in the name of love, I understand that, but why do you let those that hurt you take away your love for life, for living, for loving your self?

It is the simple things that bring us back to love, Joy is one of them, simple joy in the simple things in life. A child’s laughter, animals playing just enjoying themselves, music in the air, the wind in our faces, the sun on our cheeks, the rain watering our land, the moon guiding our night. When we step into joy, it is so hard to hate so we become happier people and build a better life for ourselves in that joy.

Gratitude; we moan about what we do not have, but if we really paid attention to what we DO have we would in gratitude, know that we are so lucky to have what we have. Gratitude for friends, family, choices, abilities, and to pay it forward by helping others.

Kindness; if we showed kindness to each other, really cared, we would connect to one another and loneliness would not take hold. Kindness is a friendly smile, a hand in need, a soft approach, kind words and loving action, and we are all capable of it.

Owning our selves; we will make mistakes, we will choose the wrong people in life, we will fall down, but all that matters is that you get back up. Get up stronger, wiser, with more heart for self and for humanity, for only when we hold our selves accountable and choose to care for our selves, will we discover the meaning of self-love.

Giving back, being of service to the world is really what love is. When it is not all about you but about your community, and what you can contribute to it, then you will know joy, gratitude, and LOVE. I always say, find your instrument, your calling, your meaningful purpose, you find this by being willing to take the journey of life in that self-discovery. Once you have found that instrument, your I AM, you perfect it in your own way and then join the WE ARE and the orchestra of life and create in harmony the resonance that will become a symphony of love and inspiration to all.

Taking the time to hear another and care about what you are hearing is also simple and impactive. We all want someone to hear us, someone to respond to us and that interaction in its simplicity can change someones day someone life.

So take the time for people, a hello, a smile, a how are you and can I do anything for you, for you have no idea how much it can change someone’s life.

LOVE is simple an attitude to life, I know there are down days, sad days, angry days, but there also are magnificent days that show us why we are here and just in how beautiful life can be when we choose it to be with an attitude of love joy and kindness.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez





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