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18-24 Is Sara Ready for Dating again?

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air June 12th

Is Sara ready for dating again? that is the dating world ready for Sara? 

I have been single for years now, and so busy building this radio network I have let life pass me by. I have not rushed out to date again, I am perfectly ok living with me, but to share ones life would be good, and this time to do it differently.

I have known loneliness within relationships, and they are heartbreaking, so this time my heart is full with who I am and what I stand for and the need to be loved is not required but the desire to have love in my life has stepped forward.


Come join me here as I share my view on dating and opening up to love again as a mature woman of age. 



Something I wrote back in 2003. 

So far, I have met single men looking at young single women, or men far too content with themselves to be looking at anyone at all. So I decided to look into a dating service. I had met a delightful English lady of about 58 who was on her third husband, whom she had met through an online dating service. Her delightful comment was, “Darling it is easier to get a man than job in this city.” I should have got the dating services name because the ones that I tried have not been very successful.

First I tried a service that could not get my sex right. They kept insisting that I was a man looking for a man. When they did get it right, I can honestly say that I was not turned on by men wearing ‘Wife beaters’ (vest tank tops) nor by a man with a beer in his hand, nor with another woman on his arm.  So I then hear of this dating service that questions and scrutinises their clientele fully. Only professionals allowed, completely above board. I spend two hours there, all the time asking what the price was to join. When she decided that I could join, I was told it would be $1600 CND + tax for six dates $3000 for unlimited use. Well they do have a lot of clientele and maybe there would be someone nice there, but not on my budget. So back to online dating? And maybe one day I will be lucky with it?

Well I have also heard of speed dating where you have eight minutes to meet someone then you change places on to the next. I believe that you write down the one you would like to see again and they connect you if that person wants to see you too. Well, a friend of mine did this and has met someone dishy, so maybe I will give it a try. I have thought of joining things, no not the gym or church or political party, but something with exciting lively people who enjoy life and conversation. I’m still looking, it will present itself soon and I will know when I find it. I am off to England to visit my mother and family soon, and you never know, I might meet someone on the plane. I have been bumped before and it could happen again. That’s the thing, you do not make new friends by design but mostly by circumstance and fate. Therefore, I will keep my eyes open my mind clear and my aura positive, and my next best friend will materialise.

I did meet someone in 2002 as a friend that later became a short-lived relationship but a long friendship instead. I have not dated since, so this is going to be interesting.


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