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18-22 Does Childhood Neglect and Trauma make Villians?

Sara Troy, on Sara’s View of Life, on air May 29th

When you look at leaders who become dictators and narcissistic egomaniacs, do they have in common a traumatic childhood in common? We see in adults today an insecurity that very often stems from an unloving childhood, it can come in abuse both psychical and mental and also in a  form of neglect. We know children develop their empathy frontal lobe early on in childhood, and if they are not shown love and how to care for others, animals and nature, they become very immersed in self, the self-importance, self-obsessed, self-motivated, everything self and very often at the expense of everyone around them. See more here on Narcissistic Sociopath and Psychopath

Something we see in common with villains that we see in the movies is that they are terrible at connecting to the heart as it was neglected as a child and very often through abandonment.  Are all the people that are evil today, hurt children that are cruel to other people because they were hurt themselves in childhood and that pain was so much they need to inflict on others to release it?

You would think that if they have suffered such pain that they would seek love more, strive to find love within themselves to heal, look to placing love around them in order to love that inner child. Alas, what we see is a blame game and inflicting their pain on others to try and feel better themselves. Is it entrenched in the patterning of their DNA? a habit so built in they cannot see a way out?  Very often we see this leads to addiction, be it drugs or alcohol or manifesting in many other forms of addiction? or is it a choice to stay in victimization because it is easy to blame others for your pain, rather than do something about it?

When do we stop holding on to our past and start taking ownership of our lives now and choose a better more loving life? Only when we choose not to make our childhood an excuse for our behaviour today and when we do something about finding our way back to love by loving our own inner child.

Being a tyrant, a villain, a dictator, a power-hungry leader who hurts its own people to feel more powerful only makes that so-called leader weaker than everyone else. True power is in the EMPOWERMENT of your people, not bullying, terrorizing or crippling your people to feel important.

What do you feel about this topic? Can you see the correlation between our power-hungry leaders of today and their past as being children of neglect? If so what can we do to heal them or empower our selves with love against their infliction of pain upon us?




Ask Sara will be back next week with answers to your questions.


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