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18-21 Sara’s Royal Wedding perspective.

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air May 22nd

The Royal Wedding between Megan and Harry is truly a fairy tale come true. Megan who is on mixed blood, half black half white, an actress and is also a divorcee. All of these things in the past would have been held against her and not in any way would she have stood a chance at entering the royal family.

How times have changed and for the better, Harry, so like his Mama Diana, is truly a man of the people, and has shown himself to be a person who really cares for humanity. He has had his own share of mischief, and romances, but being the gentleman he is, never crosses the line. They are both in their 30’s and have had a taste of life, also being an actress Megan knows what life in the spotlight is like. Megan has since a child been an advocate for the liberty of peoples rights and for unity on all fronts.

I so enjoyed seeing this event and in how it brought two nations closer together, leapt over boundaries, and embraced a new era of community in unity from our royal family.

Seeing Megan’s Mama all smiles, you can see she is a warm soul and a simply humble, so good to see Charles step up and make her feel welcome. The kids were a delight to see too and so well behaved, I love the page with his toothless smile as they were escorting Megan down the aisle.

Love is beautiful any time, and a reminder that love, is the true core of life, for love in self, of life and of living and giving, gives us the joy in which we participate in life and in how we contribute.

I wish them a lifetime of love, service and joy and may they show us how life can be cohesive not matter who what where we come from.

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