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18-20 The Creation of Being by Sara Troy

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life. on air from May 15th

Do not fear the darkness for there is a light within, it is there we see our truth and in that stillness of being we set our selves free.

Tears are good, there is nothing to be ashamed of for crying, it is an emotional and physical release that is necessary to heal, but that healing starts with you being kind to your self.

It is easy to get caught up in the chemical of dark thoughts and become trapped there for that is not a reflection of your truth. One needs to speak to an open mind that lets the light on self-love and reflection in.

One can be blinded by the light, but light can go deep into the ground and fuel the seeds of growth. Do not be afraid to go in and water your soul heart and spirit, for that is the only way to come out of the dark.

Low vibrations keep you trapped in a world of pain and despondency. Set your self free by raising your vibrations and dancing to your own tune of life.

You are the creation of your own life, you were given the divine gift to create a world where love and purpose serve our humanity, step into your creation.

The universe is about death and recreation, your ashes are not the end but the seed of a new beginning.

Surround your self with people who see you, first step in to seeing your self and believing you are a loved divine creator of creativity. When your wings spread in that belief, the winds of love for you will lift you up to your purpose.

When we allow our dreams to flow like a river like the wind, we see what our dreams mean and we become them.

You are the gift you seek, you are the love you need and the peace you so desire lays within you. 

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Ask Sara will be back next week with answers to your questions.


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