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18-19 Eco Awareness and Solutions with Sara

Sara Troy on Sara’s View fo Life, on air from May 8th

Sara speaks to some or our ECO solutions we can do in raising our awareness of our global environment. I have had the honour of interviewing so many who have stepped up in bringing us ways to redirect our energy, life’s styles and embracing the ecological consciousness of change.

Energime University, one of a kind teaching students the possibilities of tomorrow by those doing it today.

Ecocide Law, making harmful practices to the planet a criminal act that we can all be empowered to be a part of.

Why Normal is Over, with Renee Scheltema, a documentary that speaks to the issues at hand and what scientist say we can do about it.

Passive Housing, a practical and environmental way of building a home.

ONE.08 Water,  an innovative global technology company with a mission to improve the lives of all human beings worldwide by developing and bringing to market scientifically based life-changing mobile apps and clean technology products that improve the health, performance and lifestyles of its customers

Colorado Showcase, with Rennie Davies consciously activating a New Humanity and innovations.

Indias Innovational Technologies, with Muqbil Ahmar, seeing out of need what can be achieved.

Our Planetary water  Gene Baur is co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary, America’s leading farm animal protection organization. We talk how the meat industry is using up all our water resources.

Solar Gaps, with  Mariana Mykhailyshyna,  blinds make of solar panels to power your home.

Vegan Spirituality, with Christina Hill, how veganism is raising our global vibration and how that serves us.

Time for change, with Daniella Busson, on vegans delights and how it has positive effects on our health.

Sustainable Foods, with Norma Burnson on how to sustain our food growth by changing our practices.





Ask Sara will be back next week with answers to your questions.


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