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18-16 Life is a Gift open it up and enjoy the present

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from April 17th


No matter which way you look at it, life is a gift, what we do with that present is up to us, for we are the ones who open it. There is not one person today that has not gone through something awful and challenging, but how we go through it is our life’s challenge and only by walking on the fires of pain and anguish do we really understand the gift of living.

When you have fought your demons, erased your fears, overcome your doubt, embraced self-love you have a chance at living a beautiful meaningful purposeful life, but don’t expect it to always be rosy, for life has still much more to teach you.

The ups and downs are the roller coasters of life, it is how we learn, how we see how strong and resilient we are, how magnificent we can really be. We are awesome beings when we choose to unit human self with divine spirit, the being as one is what gives us that energy and empowerment to overcome to thrive and climb even greater heights.

So when we get those hiccups, those downs, those moments when we don’t know where we are going off why, be still, be quiet, for in that divine silence lies our path, our purpose and the very reason for being. The journey is such an interesting one, filled with wonders beyond our limited ideas of what life should be, beyond what we thought we could ever be.

So don’t sell yourself short, don’t put limits on yourself, don’t block your possibilities, but open wide in belief and excitement of what can be, what is to be, what you desire to be, for that is the invitation to life and the reason to open your life’s gift and play in the sandpit of ever ending opportunities.





Open up to the gift of life and live it in gratitude. Honestly and with love for its divine meaning, as it is simply the gift of LIFE.

By Sara Troy


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