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18-15 Water what you seed and allow it to grow

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life. 

It is so easy to feed negativity, we’re bombarded by it all the time with the news, people around us, our own inner thoughts. Not seeing things from a different perspective, the “what if” view of things is healthy to a point, we need to see all aspects of a situation to come to a full conclusion. It is when we have the complete view of things that we need to feed those seeds of possibilities and nurture it into growth.

We see how big it can be, where it could possibly go, who it can reach, who it can help, that is all healthy, it is how a blueprint gets laid out, how a process is formed, and how the application is decided. The need to water the seeds and allow its growth is very important. We want to dictate the when and how, but like nature, we must just plant water nurture and let it grow.

Hurry up and grow, if we are listening, learn and applying what we want to grow it will, we cannot force the issue, we can not demand, we just feed those seeds, the roots, the layers of growth and go with the flow. This is hard because we all want instant results, for to happen yesterday, but we do not allow for the synchronicity and alignments that need to happen to allow that growth instability.

If we rush too fast, we can push our dreams before they are ready. It is like wanting our children to grow up too fast, everyone and everything has its own process, and if we are willing to allow and be tuned in, we will see which way it wants to take us. Push a child too fast too far it will go off the rails, allow and encourage, you will see leaps and bounds when the time is right.

I have seen this first hand, I was that person who was the full vision, the who, where, what and why, but not always the how. Why can’t we do it now? let’s get going, jump right in, and this was me 9 times out of 10 and it was a disaster. But that one time I allowed it to show me where it wanted to go, and learnt the process on the way, is when it grew bigger than I could ever have thought have.

So many authors I have interviewed have said that they had an outline of a story, a gist of where it was going, but when they allowed the characters to evolve on their own they discovered a person that they would not have discovered had they not gone with the flow. That does not mean they did not have the building blocks in place, the blueprint, it means they allowed it to grow in its own discovery.

So many build things for the wrong reason, fame, money, prestige, when they truly discover that it is their journey that will lead to heights beyond their vision, they are allowing their purpose into play.

You can not push what is not ready to grow, it will happen all in good time.

I have learnt the hard way, that you cannot rush what is not ready, but that also applies to one’s self. I had the blueprint, the plan, the desire, the convictions, but I did not have the synergy and alignment on my side. I had to take step outside of my life outside of my plan, and let my self-be guided to WHERE and with who it was meant to happen. So many people will not tell me, you should have done this a long time ago, my answer is, it was not the right time or place to do it.

Now, as all, I wanted to do and with allowing it to happen as it is meant to do, I am stepping into a new world which is the growth of my blueprint and exceeding my plans and taking me where I am meant to be. Sometimes we just have to grow into who we are meant to be to do what we are meant to do.

So plant your seeds, water and nurture them, allow them to grow with our dictation, discovery the process as it grows and be willing to redirect many times and let the flow guide you for it never happens the way we think it will, it always happens as it is meant to.

Sara Troy

Self Discovery Radio


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