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18-13 Good Days Bad Days call it what it is.

Sara Troy on Sara’s VIEW OF LIFE SHOW, on air March 27th

It is ok to have a bad day, we can not deny it or ignore it, it is what it is. This does not mean your going backwards or you have failed at positive Living, it just means, your having  bad day. So do not deny it, but embrace it, and call it what it is without trepidation.

I know there is always someone out there saying, plough through it, you can overcome, just do it, but if you can’t you can’t and that is ok. The worst thing is not to listen to your body, your mind may chastise you, your body may try and fool you, but when you know you, you can not fool you.

There is always a reason for things, and sometimes a no reason is that something. I have health issues, they show me how far I can go in what I do, and if I do not listen then I am reminded. You see my body knows best, it knows when it is over doing it, it knows how far it can gho. My job is to listen, not fight with it, not shout and demand of it, but to trust it, for it knows what I need more than I do.

Now on a good day, I can fly, I am filled with abundant energy and it looks to the world that I can do anything, in that moment, maybe I can but the next, no, I am reminded of my limitations and that is ok. You see my good days are measured by how energetic and accomplished I am, but it can be those bad days that my art comes out, my creativity. Yes it comes out on the good days, but differently. I can even on a bad day still do my shows, for they energies me and fulfil my purpose. On a good day I can do more longer and I can take that creativity and turn it into productivity.

Some would say because it is raining it is a bad day, some would say a great day because the rain is watering our very substance. We see good and bad according to our needs, what it serving us, how it makes us feel. So your good day is someone else bad and so on and as is life.

It is the balance of life, the Yin and Yang, the good and the bad, the bad ain’t all bad and the good is not always good, but the balance is always easy to live with. So the key here, is to know you from the inside out. Are you denying yourself because you’re fooling yourself that you can’t do it, or can you not do it, because it is time to do it, or your not meant to right now. Are you measuring all your other days just by the good ones and demanding they should all be like that? then you truly are fooling yourself. There has to be both good and bad, but how bad and how good is up to you and in how you listen to yourself within. Pay attention to the signs.

So next time you have a bad day, look in and ask your body what it needs from you, rest? nurturing, sleep, or just time to just be. When that good day is here, take advantage of it and explore do, be and enjoy, DON’T SWEAT IT, IT IS LIFE, SLOW FAST, GOOD BAD, UP DOWN, IT IS JUST HOW LIFE WORKS, GO WITH THE FLOW.




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