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18-12 The Universes Quantum Energy Yin and Yang

Sara Troy on Saar’s View of Life, on air from March 20th

Balance; if we are not in balance the universe will correct us, everything is energy and when that energy is not in balance we move to extremes. Keeping that balance is why we are here, to find that equilibrium within and exude out.

The Universe is all Quantum energy, an energy that runs through everyone one of us for we are made from the universe. Without this energy nothing would exist, nothing, no one would be. We are only now beginning to open up to comprehending a little about Quantum energy and our Universe and we are still trying to understand why we are here.

What if, as particles of the universe we are constantly trying to balance our energy? We can’t have light without dark, with can’t have love without hate, we can not live in good vibrations if we are off kilter. Everything has its place, everything is that energy, we are all of it.

All the universe knows how to do is create, constantly creating, but to create a universe it takes millions of years and we are but a speck in that development, but we are also a part of that of it too. All species from this and other universes are a part of the whole. Our Matter may be of different substance, but we all have that energy signature and we are all connected.

If the universe is always correcting its self, would it not be important that our Matter as human beings should we not find our own balance as we are a part of that whole? The universe is constantly growing, aligning, always creating ways that bring about its equilibrium in doing so. We, humans, are so off-kilter right now, so out of balance that the universe is working overtime to correct us and bring back a balance needed in order to exist.

There will always be sorrow, there must always be joy, there will always be life so there also must be death, it is the way of the universe. The universe its self-has no particular conscience, only that it must always be in balance. It knows no right or wrong only balance, so if we look at life as a form of always bringing our balance to our selves and that energy around us, it does not mean you will never be sad? never be mad? never know pain? never know missory? No, it means when you know you are feeling this way, something has caused you to be off balance, you need to correct it back into being, back into an equilibrium that not only serves you but life’s energy around you.

Right or wrong, dark or light, there must be it all, but that is the price of living in this universe, balance. Our consciousness is that balance, it is not about others judgment, but about whether we are in balance, for when we are we know what is right and what is wrong, we know love but see the hate without judgement, we come in that equilibrium we understand what it is all about, and we ride that energy that feeds us, guides us and propels us higher in our own divine vibration.

What or who is God? he/it is all creation, all energy, all consciousness, it is us, the whole universe of us. When you ask for guidance, pray for help, you are asking each of us in the whole universe to be of that help, be that love you seek to be that support.  We are God, for he is us, in each of us lays that God consciousness and love that divine truth. Ascending to a higher vibration is getting closer to that divine energy by channelling our quantum divine energy that is love, is peace is creations its self.

So let us balance out the universe by finding that equilibrium within ourselves, and bring it into our collective consciousness for all.




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