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18-04 They had a Dream, look where it took them

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from January 23rd

Where would we be without a dream? where would I creativity come from our progress? and without the dreamers who inspire us, where would we find our courage?

Everyone you admire who has aspired to a level of greatness, did it because they had a dream and were not afraid to pursue it. We see them now on a pedicle we put them on, but we forget the struggles just like us that they had to face to get there, that is why they are so inspiring not the fact that they are there now.

Both Oprah and Louis Hay, came from their own darkness and stepped into the light of love and life. Both new painful struggles that they chose to make them stronger. Both knew pain and suffering, rejection and persecution, but rose from that to being a beacon of hope and light for us.

Look at their journey’s and see for your self what they went through to reach the heights there at now. ( Louise ascended last year leaving a wonderful legacy with her Hey House platform) She took the journey through life and showed others that they could not overcome, but thrive in their own divine presence. She lives on through Hay House

Oprah became an invite to embrace our inner voice. She openly took the spiritual journey so we could learn and open as she has. It has been wonderful to see her embrace this divine truth of her inner wisdom and self-love and doing it so openly.

So why do we think that only they can do it? why do we put limitations on our selves? Why do we think only others can and we can’t? Well, I believe that I Sara Troy can and is in her own right doing what they have and are doing. I am building my own legacy here with the Orchard of Wisdom Library (coming soon) and the  Self Discovery Community.

My dream was to count in this world leaving a mark I would be proud of. I am doing it, whatever heights it takes is up to me and the universe, but other than their big public success, my dreams are in action and are counted.




So do not sell your self-short, for you like every drop in the ocean, counts.  


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