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18-03 From Frustration to Positive Energy Because of You

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from January 16th

Last week I asked for help, one thing after another was bringing me down and I was feeling depleted, I asked you, my listeners, to spare an ounce of energy, and now because of that gift, I am seeing and feeling my divine energetic purpose in motion again.

It is wonderful when people share that gift of energy, it lifts, it propels one into a new frequency that is far more conducive to one’s journey. It does not have to be much, it does not have to be in person, but when someone decides to share that divine energy in good faith, it works wonders.

Never underestimate how energy works, you could be across the world or even out of this world, but when an energetic message is sent with the right intent, it will reach who it needs to serve. We and everything about is made of energy, a frequency that resonates at a particular vibrational field. That energy can be a negative or positive depending on it intentional vibration, so when we send out good wishes, caringness, kindness, healing and love energy, it does reach those in need and does have a collective resonance that helps.

Thank You for without your caring I would be lost. 

My Audio thank you here



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