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17-50 Consumerism is not Festive, Love is.

Join Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from December 12th

Is Christmas all about GIFTS? who can buy bigger better more than the year before? Or is it about the LOVE and Kindness and Togetherness of our families and communities? I believe the latter.

We get so consumed by the consumerism of it all we forget the generosity of kindness and love.  Being at a table filled with good food and wonderful company be it family or strangers coming together in gratitude of each other is so much more fulfilling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love gifts and buy them also, it is a time of giving, but I am no longer am I a slave to gift buying but about the giving of my love instead. Giving a piece of you in a letter, a card, a call, a Skype, connecting with each other is so much more warming than just a cold gift.

We have children today that expect to get everything they want and if they don’t have a fit about it, what are we creating? monsters? or people who think that things will make them happy. The gift of your attention, your love, the teaching of living from the inside out and the warmth of being there for someone else is truly the gift you can give, for that is the truth of it all.

Young or old, poor or rich, in the end, it is the love of self and being loved by someone else that really counts. That is the true enrichment of life, the true gift to give, for the gift of love exceeds anything else always, for love is what we all seek.

This season please share your love, your time, your attention, put down the mobiles, speak with each other, write to each other reach out to those alone and bring them in, let no one know loneliness this festive season, for we must not forget the ones along, young or old, we all want to belong and know someone cares enough not to leave us out in the cold.




Step into kindness, into the giving gratitude of each other, of receiving love and kindness from each other.


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