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17-40 It is TIME NOW to Come Together

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of life, on air from October 3rd

I know you’re weary I know there is so much pain and sorrow out there, I know it is hard, but it is also beautiful and it is up to us to see the beauty and feed that, not the ugliness.

The world and Universe is shaking it up for us, with weather disasters, our violence towards each other, Politicians and power mongers and with more to come, why? because we need to WAKE UP to the fact that change is imperative and we are the answer to what ails us.

We need to STEP IT UP because it is the only answer, we need to become proactive in our own lives, in our communities, with each other. We need to take responsibility for our choices and actions and ask our self who we are serving, is it our inner self ? is it our community? of is it self serving only? The difference between Importance of Self and Self importance is, is in the ego of insecurity and the other is serving your soul, heart, spirit with an open mind, self serving helps no one else, being full of love and kindness serves everyone.

It is time to CHANGE IT UP for without change we will be no more. This is our cross roads and we have a choice, keep bitching and moaning about it or STep UP and become part of the solution, it is up to us.

Please take heed, they will keep shaking us up until we wake up to step and make the changes needed to serve the WHOLE of earth’s community.



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