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17-38 My Colourful Purposeful Life Ignited

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from September 19th

I am a woman of colour, no not skin colour, but soul colour. my heart loves the colours of life my spirit flying high when I am in the colour of adventure, it sets me free. Colour has its own energy signature and vibration, and when we embrace the feeling it feeds are very being.

So I am about to step into the colours of adventure and let all those colourful experiences I am about to have propel me forward. A new life, a new direction but taking with me my purpose and commitment to my joyful work.

For 5 plus years I have been on a soul journey, building an Orchard of Wisdom (Self Discovery Community) where people can pick from the wise ones we have interviewed at Self Discovery Radio. Now it is time to spread those wings and expand this platform to where it directs its divine energies and knowingness to those who can use this wisdom now.

So this is where the next chapter comes into play, finding those divine people who can be the wind beneath my wings and spread our knowingness further, and I am doing this in Toronto Canada. When you support others and celebrate their purpose in helping others, we all win, and humanity gains.

This is not just about my purpose but also about my life, my joy, my love. I have been single for so long and I am now ready to embrace a new love in my life. It is time to meet someone who sees me, who values me and wants to be with me because they love and like me, I want to count in someone’s life and to love again some I respect and value as a person, someone who is loving from the soul and we love form soul, heart, spirit and complement and serve each other in trust and honour.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


It is an exciting time for me and the station, I am at the grand age of almost 63 starting a new life, it is never too late, I will leave all doubts behind and take this leap blind, deaf, and dumb in order to see, hear and feel what life has in store for me.


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