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17-37 Toronto are you ready for me?

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from September 12th

Toronto, a city of vibrancy and high energy. I am asked why I would leave beautiful Vancouver for Toronto, we have so many islands, mountains, with rivers and an ocean around us, and it’s warmer why go? Well, the answer is this, 1. I have hardly had 30 days with my eldest daughter in 10 years as she lives in Toronto and I want more time with her. 2. I need to be around new energy to grow into my next phase of life and business.

I know going in the middle of winter is crazy, (November) but this is the time shown to me, I have a strong feeling to go and so I must follow that feeling. I have been waiting for the guidance of my direction for a while, I have to move, but did not know where here in BC? Nanaimo calls me, I have a wonderful daughter there too, but not till later after I have achieved what I need to do, then maybe there as its energy is so peaceful.

Leaving my other two children here will be hard, my some Tyler will be running his new venture Humble Roots Cafe/deli, and my daughter Tasha finishing university. I am not leaving for ever, just till I have emerged into my new purpose and added some zest to my life, I will always want to be near my children, that is why it is Tabytha’s turn in Toronto.

I am excited, I like Toronto, it is a city of life of living and of getting things done. With my next chapter in Self Discoveries story, I need to be around the I  see it people, the do it people and everything is calling me there. I had hoped to go back to the UK to expand, and I will at some stage, but it is not the first step, Toronto is.

You will see Self Discovery Radio become Self Discovery Community, where I will be supporting with radio video and more, organizations/foundations/charities that are doing great work for people by raising money and awareness for them. I already have one wonderful Veteran organization on board with more to come. You will also hear some wonderful series shows from them and others to give a fuller picture on their topics.

This is where I need you folks, I will be house sitting in Toronto, so if you know of any people or organizations to help me find a place, please let me know. Also I am asking for support in getting there, every penny helps and would be so appreciated, for years now I have supported this station, now in order to help those in need even further, I am asking for help in what I need to achieve this and my gratitude will be poured into the work I am doing for people in their Self Discovery in our community.

This is my 63 Birthday gift to me, a new adventure, a new step in Self Discovers evolution and even a new step towards a loving life for me.


It is exciting, so join me here as I speak to more of why Toronto 

For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


I am following my calling and it has to be started in Toronto, getting there is a challenge right now, and I am inviting support from my followers who believe in me to cover my flight expenses from Vancouver BC. Any and everything helps and is received in gratitude. 

Thank you Cecelia Hart for being the first donator to my redirection. 


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