17-36 How time out redirected me

Sara Troy on Sara’s View Of Life, on air from September 5th

I recently took a couple of weeks off, a to spend time with my children and to feel the direction I need to go in. I am an empath, I feel life, pain sorrow and joy all the time. I have a hard time connecting to my body, but my soul heart and spirit are all switched on fully.

So forever I have wanted to do humanitarian work, and in my own practice ( Choose Positive Living )I did but needed a dream to take it higher, to reach more in need. 2005 I started a company called Give Back, I was about to bring in to Canada electric bikes of which 10% of the proceeds went to a charity/foundation on the list. For many reasons the bikes did not take off, and I went down a totally different rabbit hole.

12 years later, now with almost 1900 collective radio shows here on Self Discovery Radio, I realize I have been building back to that Give Back platform again. Stay tuned for mid month on what Self Discovery Radio is going to do, it will excite you.

Back to me personally, I had decided a couple of months ago, to put my life in storage and house sit in different places and spread my personal and professional wings. The problem was where? So with a conversation with my daughter Tabytha in Toronto, I have decided that it would be good to go there for a couple of months and tap into Toronto’s energy, from there who knows, my wings are open and ready willing to fly into the abundance of life.

Come join me here September 5th  to hear what I have planned. 

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