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17-32 Sounds like Divine Music for the Soul

“for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy, on air from August 8th 

I have recently done 2 shows on Galactic Ancient language, which is music to my ears. 

The beauty of these languages is that they by pass the brain and mind and speak directly to the heart spirit and soul, changing your DNA into being. I was first introduced to it by Donalie Caldwell and Dr Edwige. Donalie has been working on me and I have to say it has made a big difference.

The thing I like about it is that it by passes the brain and mind and speaks directly to the DNA. We have no idea what they are saying nor do they, it is divine channelling directly into your being freeing you from past programming.

It is very rhythmical and is set in a frequency of positive vibrations. Just like music it flows, lifting and transcending us into a state of being, releasing, repairing and reviving us.

When I am in a depressive state I listen to music and it feeds me. The cosmic talk does the same, each note sound goes deep into our soul feeding the heart and lifting the spirit. Where the speech is directional addressing a program in need, music is generic and just feeds you randomly. Music will make you feel wonderful, uplifted calmer happier, but cosmic speech is direct into source clearing you and opening you up to your own divine DNA imprint.

I will be sharing a few their sounds with you plus some music that feeds me into being able to embrace life again.


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DONALIE’S SHOW galactic-language-with-donalie-caldwell

DR EDWIGE SHOW dr-edwige-in-divine-service-to-humanity

More on the LOVE of Music show GO HERE 

The music I played on this show today.



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