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17-30 The Wind Says THIS way

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from July 25th

Just like Mary Poppins, the wind is changing again for me and I must follow.

So which way will the wind blow me now? The message I am getting is to flap in the wind and let it guide me to my new direction, where that is who knows, but I must be courageous enough to follow.

When I had my fall, I was confused at the message, was what I was planning with the radio station wrong? the answer is No, your on the right track, but need to do it a different way. So surrender I did and now I am told to store everything I have and trust the journey ahead of me.

What is that journey? where am I going? who with, with what purpose????? All I know is I am going to be house sitting, how long we will see, with whom we will see ( although a wonderful offer has already come in) but I do know it is to expand my personal horizon and meet new people.

I have for the last 5 years dedicated my self to my radio shows/station and the message to the world. It is a pleasure and encouraging to interview such amazing people doing such wonderful things for humanity, for all life forms and this wonderful planet, it gives us hope and inspirations to walk the walk our selves.

This is still happening where ever I go, have the internet I can work, but; the need to meet people on a personal level as Sara not interviewee needs to happen. I have lost me, not the woman of service, not the soul heart spirit of being, but the connection to living participating in life and not just recording it.

I am not sure when this happened when we are forced to slow down, take stock and review, we come to understand that while I love my meaningful purpose in what I do, once the recorder is off, I am back with just me. Now don’t get me wrong, I like my company, quite at peace with self, but in that, I was forgetting to interact with others outside of my work.

Who is Sara when not working? my work and myself are one and the same, but I have lost my connection to life outside of that work. So now they throw me in the deep end and say go mingle Sara, find your tribe out side of work, live a little, for it has been a very long time since you have.

So I am offering no new shows Mid August to September 5th and taking that time to meet new people, hang with friends and family and see the path that lays before me and prepared to walk it.

Come fall things will be clearer, directions shown and plans to walk them ready. I hope for I am surrendering myself to the powers that be and tune into their loving directions they want me to take, even though my knees are shaking.

P.S If you have a home in the lower mainland/Island of BC Canada you need sitting, let me know.






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