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17-24 The World Invites you to Participate

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from June 13th 

People have become so disconnected to life its self, constantly numbing themselves with things to find a reason to live. Without a meaningful purpose and a passion for life, there is no reason for being. Connection, belonging, celebration and participation in life is a must if you want to live in a world of meaningfulness. Complacency is a danger, for it excuses the negative behaviour and holds no countability.

We blame the governments, Isis, the arrogant, the 1%, but who gave them the power to control us with fear? you did. 

We are owners of our own actions, our own choices our own thoughts, and until we take action in being responsible for those actions, thoughts and choices we will keep running on a dead-end treadmill of discontent and disconnect.

We want a better life, we must do the work to make it so, we are unhappy, then we must seek what makes us happy, we feel unfulfilled, then we must seek out purpose, we want peace we must be the peace we seek, it is all in our hands every living soul on this planet, for we are the problem but also the solution. When we are whole happy in purpose, contributing and in self-love and inner peace, we are the solution in our actions, in ouR intent, in our contribution to life and each other as a human race.

It is really simple, step up and deal with your own inner self, stop making excuses but be willing to change things to make them better by doing the work necessary in order to live in that meaningful purpose and inner joy of living.

This is what the world is being invited to do, the see the problem, know the hate fear and destruction, so now it is time to take action and clean up the mess we have as a human race made before it is too late.

It is “Ask not what your country will do for you but what you will do for your country”.Well, what do you intend to do? feed the fear, the anger, the EGO or step up and do the work to become a person the world and you in your life needs?



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