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17-22 One Trip too Many

Sara Troy with Sara’s View of Life, on air from May 30th 


One TRIP too many

Well, I know how to have a good trip I certainly have tripped enough in my time.  Of cause, this trip I am talking about is the one that lands you flat on your face, not a luxury travelling trip.

I recently tripped again, this time caught my foot on a lip of an uneven pavement and went flying face down to meet the pavement. I was lucky, bruising, scrapes, and only a cracked nose bridge, it could have been so much worse.

I was blown away by the people that stopped to help, I was walking my Grandpup Abby, I did drop the leash when I fell but called her immediately and she was there, she sat on my tummy as if to guard me. A nurse who was riding by with her husband stopped to attend me, wish I remember her name she was awesome, someone had some gauze and she dealt with my bleeding face which was bleeding into my hair, she was so kind and caring, he or someone called the ambulance and there were hovering around me helping in any way they could.

Some people taking care of me, some getting my details to the firemen, someone took Abby, I was blown away with all the help and caring, so wonderful that people are so kind. I was flat on my back laying on the ground unable at that time to move and unaware to me at the time laying in water from the power washing that had just taken place. I continued to be wet for the next 5 hours till my son brought me dry clothes, as I only had a head injury they did not have me change in the hospital, I did not know how wet I was till later.

Here is a tip for any bruising, boil an egg too hard boiled, while hot take of shell and apply the hot egg gently to the swelling and bruised area, keep at it until egg cools, then throw egg away, there is something in the egg that draws out the bruising and it is soothing as well, I used it and no black eye only green.

Tripping is not unusual for me, I have fallen over a foot stool and bashed my forehead, a nice egg head there, I tripped over a tree root and face planted, but this was in the woods so not as mush damage at this time. Another time fell between 2 cars, I also have done graceful splits slipping on floors and those textured pavements but I always managed to keep my skirt down. Yes, the ice got me too, passed out with that one and had a concussion for a couple of days, but the that got me good was 2006 August 7th when I slid off a rock and broke 3 bones in my ankle. So 6 screws one titanium plate in my ankle I guess that was my biggest trip yet.

So the moral of the story is, get in balance, be mindful you do fall so walk mindfully. Now, with my new face lift LOL, I rest, regroup and heal so I can come back ready willing and able again.

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