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17-20 Loving guidance in living life

Sara Troy with Sara’s View Of Life, on air from May 16th

Do not leap into your dream, but gently embrace them into reality. 

We only have the NOW the gift of the Present, what you do today will seed your tomorrows.

Your love of self is laying in the shadows, set it free with love

That love of self, life and purpose, is your gift to share with the world

If they do not have your best interests then they are not your supporters.

There will always be people who will rain on your parade, stick to your purpose and walk on by, it is your dream, they have not found theirs yet. 

Know your path, do not be swayed by falsehood and tempory gain 

Kindness in everything you do will see you through

You have to water, nurture and love what you’re doing for it to grow.

Night or day, we grow, the light must come from within to see your way.

This is our true purpose, that in kindness, joy love and celebration to be there for each other

When we let LOVE RULE we understand the meaning of life


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