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17-18 Remember when? Old ways verses New ways

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of LIFE, on air May 2nd 


Once upon a time, we spoke to each other in person, locked eye to eye enjoying our conversations, engrossed in each others story. Now, your lucky if you can get through a meal without the other picking up their phone. What happened to common decency?


Once upon a time, you enjoyed preparing a meal and having everyone around the table conversing with each other. Now, it is just fast empty foods that no one even tastes anymore.


Once upon a time, we got out in nature and enjoyed our surroundings with respect and value. Now it’s about the right gear in the gym all about the abs and forget about nature. It is about image and being buff looking good and ego based, not being in tuned with nature or natural exercise.

Once upon a time, we bought our food from our local farmers at the market. Now, we buy processed chemical based foods at the box stores, that have no nutricial value. What are we thinking? These chemical based foods are killing us and poison our ground as well as ourselves.

I all about embracing new ideas, new ways of living, stretching one’s self into a new realm, but not at the expense of good old fashion good quality of life. Fast, new, instant gratification is overrated, and we need to take a step back and look at out lifestyle and do something about it.

Take a breath, see what life is about us, respect what we have at our fingertips, value each other for who we are not what you get out of that person, but for what you share that expands that relationship further. Eat healthier and in gratitude for the food, prepare it yourself for there lies the gratitude. Take a walk in the woods, by the sea, up in the mountains, and feel the beauty of life and all that’s given to us.

Our health, our wellbeing is up to us, so stop, take life in, share with joy, and find that meaningful purpose that serves us a humanity and immerse yourself in all relationships to truly feel spoken too and enjoy them.

Life is for experiencing, participating in, and truly living on all cylinders, not living it second hard through a machine and missing out. The reason Bees are dying, species are dying, the planet is dying, is because we don’t look up from our phones to see what is happening. Use them to speak out, to change your ways, to enlighten each other to what is going on, not to hide behind.

I invite you to enjoy the simple things of life and see how simple life is in its purity.



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Sara Troy.

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