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17-14 5 Years of Inspirations

Sara Troy’s View On life, on air from April 4th

What a journey I have had so far, so many wonderful people I have had the honor to interview, so much I have learned and with so many more to go.

When I first started out, I did not expect it to grow so big. I first started out on Authentic You media with live shows, I did that for 13 months. With a desire to extend the message I started my own station with the help and guidance of Bill Macquis.

The radio network was called PLV Radio, short for Positive Living Vibrations, but was hard to remember. So nearly 2 years ago it got changed it to Self Discovery Radio, now people know what we are about.

When you hear the courage and strength that people have had to find in order to carry on, it is inspiring, when you hear what they are doing now with that redirect to help humanity despite their own struggles, it makes you believe in humanity again.

I have discovered my own voice, my own strength and embraced my own inner knowingness because of this journey. I like who I have become and what my contribution is to our global community, I am very proud of that.

So now our first Ebook is out sharing our radio guest wisdom with a contributional chapter. This is the first of many more to come, I hope to have 4 ebooks a year for you, filled with inspirational knowledge to help you the reader/listener on your life’s journey. The chapter leads to their wonderful shows they have done with me.

So, with Ebooks, a new program on hosting, and extending into more countries, the future is looking bright. Come celebrate with me and let us Liberate more spirits and souls while filling the hearts of humanity.

Come join me as I share my journey

For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


One of my many radio guests Justin Johnson

“Sara’s View of Life” Sara  hosts a weekly show on her life’s perspectives Click here


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