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17-10 OK UK here I come

Sara Troy with Sara’s View Of Life. On air from March 7th.


Well, it is here at last, my trip home to see family and friends.

The last time I was home it was to say goodbye to my Mama in April 2014, she passed February 2015. I did not go back for the funeral, we had a celebration of her life here my children. Since then my brother had a heart attack, which as he went Vegan is now doing very well, my sister is a few years older than so and time is a clicking, so it was time to go home and unite once more.

I am also taking the time to meet with some of my Self Discovery radio guests while there, it is going to be awesome to put faces to the voices. We have our first Self Discovery Ebook coming out in April, of which Tony Selimi of London is in, so excited to meet him. Maybe get some of them to commit to the next ebook due out in the summer.

My sister Jane has got us on a fun schedule, seeing cousins, shopping, museums etc. Then I go see my brother in Lincolnshire where we have a few days before we come back to London to have some sibling time altogether.

So bags packed, finishing up my shows edits, got some good ones for you while am away, will be working on social media and email while away, but I am taking time for me and have a look at what is possible for my future.



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Will post some pictures, and be back by the end of March, have fun with all the shows here on Self Discovery Radio, we have some great ones for you and catch you later.



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