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17-07 Love Love Love the Whole of Us

Sara Troy with Sara’s View of Life, on air February 14th 



Love, we all seek it, we all need it and love is the vibration in which brings us loving peace.

Love is not only man woman, parent-child, it is love for everyone, for all living things and for life in its self, for without love who are we? Without love why are we? and in absence of love what is there?

LOVE is our healing, it is our joy, when we do anything with love it grows, when do anything in love it resonates, love is the most common denominator in this world, for, without it, we only live in hate, fear, and distrust and that is no way to live.


Join me as I speak of love and the embracement of it even when the tide of hate comes at you. When we give love a chance we all as one global nation win. 

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