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17-002 “The Wilds” singing for the Planet

“for the LOVE of Music”  with host Nathen Aswell and his guests Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright – The Wilds, on air from January 10th.


The Wilds is led by singer/songwriters Holly Arntzen—vocals, dulcimer, piano, and Kevin Wright—vocals, percussion, sax. When Holly and Kevin sing and write songs together, think Joni Mitchell meets Bon Scott (of AC/DC.) An unlikely combination, but one that bears rich sounds, energy and a unique musical perspective.

They are the core members of the Artist Response Team (ART), which produces a steady stream of Voices Of Nature School Music Programs and Community Concerts throughout western Canada and beyond. They are joined by throngs of children singing out for nature.



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The Wilds is featured in the 1-hour TV special about water conservation, called Water for Life, which was broadcast on CTV-TWO in Alberta, and PBS out of Spokane. Watch it here:

Each year the Wilds can be found tromping up and down one watershed or another, singing their songs of salmon, rivers, oceans and social justice. In spring 2015 it was the Up Your Watershed! tour in the Fraser Basin, from Prince George on down to the coast. In June 2016 they completed the Rock The Salish Sea Tour to seven coastal BC communities, working with local schools and producing major concerts, singing out for the inland ocean between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

The sound of the Wilds is Folk Pop to Rock Your World—the folk/blues of Holly’s slide dulcimer, mixed with Kevin’s hard-hitting Cajon and congas, and lit up by rich vocal harmonies. They’re on a mission: have the best possible time singing songs and playing music and rockin’ out for the Earth!

Take a listen to some of their songs here

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