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17-002 Podcasting/Video Blogging Etiquette

Join Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on-air from January 10th

Being a radio blog host or Podcaster requires some skill and ability to bring the best out of your guest. It is not about you unless you are doing a show about you only even then if it does not speak to the masses with a topic of interest they will not listen to you.

Do not become a host because you want fame or money, it takes time from you and conviction, do it because you want to support others.

Rules of conduct when being a podcast guest. 1. Respond on time with the material your host needs for the show. 2. Understand your host's style and respect it or choose another podcast to go to. 3. Be on time for t

Being a guest on a media blog/podcast requires respect and gratitude, for someone is promoting you because they like what you stand for and doing to enhance the lives of others. You do not come demanding nor say “how many listeners” as that implies your not interested unless they have the numbers to serve you if you only serve one person that is what matters.

The authenticity of self and Sincerity in one’s service,  and in respect, and consideration for the time someone has taken out to interview should always be remembered. For some, this is a hobby but still costs them to produce, for some like us here at Self Discovery Media, it is a business, a serves that inspires, invites and guides people on their own journey in life.

With so many podcasting/video blogging out there today, one can be overwhelmed by who is doing what. Do not just go on air just because, but make sure the show genre represents you first and your story and work/topic, and that the interviewer has a style that suits you.

Many podcasts are now Video as well as audio, so if you are doing a video podcast, please make sure that you have good lighting, sound ( earplugs and a mic), and dress for the camera, clean and somewhat smart.

One must understand, THIS IS WORK, it takes time and commitment, respect, and the ability along with a passion, to listen and communicate with your listeners and guests.

If a host charges, it is because there have costs involved and maybe it is their full-time job, please respect their commitment and that it is their work and a service in promoting you and your work.

I Sara Troy am a host of over 2000 shows personally and run a media-video/blog Self Discovery Media network where we have over 2500 collective shows +. I am going to share some tips with you on being a guest on a show and also how to host your own shows.



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