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16-48 Christmas gift buying and the real gift of Christmas

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life show, on air from November 29th


Am I getting old? Are manners thing of the past? Are the words like “Thank you and Please” gone forever? The word courtesy is not even in the modern day dictionary. Is anyone teaching our children to use these words? When someone takes the time to say a simple thank you, it makes you feel more valued, that whatever you did for this person was appreciated.

Do any of you remember Carole Kings song “you’ve got to get every morning with a smile of you face and show the world all the love in your heart…” Don’t you feel different when someone greets you with a smile? When there is some positive energy about you don’t you feel inspired? A simple smile a courtesy, a please and thank you goes a long way to making our day a more pleasant one.

We are coming up to the big busy Christmas season, where every one and their dog are out shopping. It is crowded and noisy and you can’t find anything that you want to buy. Frustration grows, your are a reasonable person but this lineup is way to long, and the sales clerk is no help and you can’t find that perfect gift and every one is in a hurry AAAARRRRGGGGG

Courtesy goes out the window. It is like a domino effect. When one person is in a bad mood it affects everyone else, the vibe around you are oppressing, and suddenly you can’t stand to shop any more. Here are some tips to help you through this hectic season.

1: Do not leave it all to the last moment, plan at least 2-3 trips to different stores and allow yourself the time to look around before just buying.

2: Do as much research as you possibly can, like looking in flyers, magazines, T.V ads, get some ideas of what you want before you go.

3: Even ask the person that you are buying for, to give you a list of items that they want, and choose something from that.

4: Try not to go at the weekends, dinnertime is good (if your stores are open late during this season) because everyone else is eating. You can have a tranquil dinner later knowing that your shopping is out of the way. Always allow for a coffee/tea/booze break so as to replenish yourself.

5: A great gift to give is a gift giving on behalf of the person your giving a gift to. Like donate money or buy something for someone else in your gifties name. This is also great to do with your children, make up a gift basket for the homeless, a senior, a single Mum, and have the children chip in their pocket money, this is the greatest  gift they will give and receive.

6: If you have no idea what to buy your teenager niece or nephew or sons and daughters get them certificates, they love to shop after Christmas when the sales are on (but for your own kids also get a little gift that is personal like jewellery, tickets to a concert some thing that shows them that you made an effort, that means you care). As for the younger ones, ask their mum, failing that books, movies, music and colouring stuff are always good. Babies, educational toys for the age of the child are always a good idea.

7: Wives, do not get her something for the house, if you buy for the house give to the house, for your wife it must always be something that makes her feel loved and valued. Jewellery, night gowns (get the size right) a beautiful romantic scarf, a Spa date, weekend with friends, tickets to a fabulous dinner and show, music or books that she really likes. Remember you live with this woman, give her a gift that says that you love her and know her, or you will pay the price later. All a women wants is to know that you have made the effort. 7b. Husbands, is it sports, tools, new tech? they love it all, but again something very intimate that shows him it is specially for him from you telling him he is loved. For your mums/dads, it is the same thing; it is not the big price tag the means so much, but the thought and effort that you put into it. Family movie, Photo album, and evening out or trip away, music or movie a new book.

8: Ladies, your man wants to know how you feel about him too, so buy something practical because he will value the practical side of you, but also something sexy and a little off the wall so he knows that you still want to have fun.

9: In-laws are difficult to buy for, so play it safe, unless you know them well. Buy something Christmassy like a Christmas cake, bottle of good wine/brandy/champagne. Chocolates are great to give if they like the brand. Christmas decoration for the tree is good, so that they can remember you every year.Again a family video of the year, photos and a dinner certificate, Calendars also, they can have one in each room. Take heed of religious convictions and never buy anything that can offend.

10. Remember when it comes from the heart it is received wholeheartedly. Make something, put a music composition together, bake something, write something, paint something, share something from your heart, but do it genuinely and honestly not because it was expected.

Now when you give them their gifts and you hear, “ You should not have” always say, “ Of course I should, you are worth it.” And when receiving a gift, even if you don’t like it, always say, “thank you for the effort that you put into this gift, I feel very special”

Thats Christmas is to me

COURTESY it is one of our biggest assets, it cost nothing, but it goes a long way, and is always appreciated. So when someone this year has taken the time to make an effort to do something for you, feel appreciative, and acknowledge the time and energy that it took to such a thing, and be grateful that you are the recipient. If you cannot reciprocate in material things at least reciprocate in time and effort. Time is very valuable and this will always be appreciated, GRATITUDE IS THE BEST RESPONSE.



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