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16-47 Are you willing to CHANGE your ATTITUDE?

Sara Troy hosts Sara’s View of Life on air from November 22nd 


I hear every day someone having an issue with their lives. Work sucks because they are not getting enough out of it, or it is taking too much out of them. Relationships suck but no one will take the time or effort to find a way to look to solving the problem. They are dissatisfied with their lives but prefer to AVOID a solution because facing it is supposed to be harder.  As coaches in spiritual counselling and communicative teachings and self development, I can tell you that answers are there for you on all fronts, but you have to step up and take the action necessary to accept the help in moving forward, in other words get into ACTION and COMMIT. How many relationships die every day? How many businesses go under? What if you could prevent save and nurture your relationships with love, your work and life, would you do anything about it? When it comes down to it we live in a society of disgruntled people who will accept a dysfunctional life. We are people who want answers in resolving the problems and living our life fully but are too scared to do anything about it. We want a quick fix that does not require work or will not deal with the real issues.

Well if you want the changes and you have found the courage of your own free will and wish to step up to the plate to do something about your life, then now is the time. You do have it within you,  the first step is admitting something is wrong and that takes courage, then knowing you are not meant to do it alone, you need guidance through this transition.

Be it a relationship with self, your loved ones, your work, your passion for life, we have many workshops in The Discovery Store that will guide you forward in taking back your life and living it on your own terms. They guide you forward to understanding why you make the decisions you make, why you lost the dream of that relationship with self, love, work and life. In how to reconnect with that passion or to accept that you need to let go and embrace a new passion, it is all in dealing with change and dealing in a way that brings clarity to one’s life choices and desires. Knowing where you are going and why, knowing with whom you are travelling with, knowing the passion can be awakened and you are living your dream again.

Attitude is key to embracing a Positive Life.  All of this can be accomplished with you deciding to accept the challenge to face the changes and reach out to new possibilities new opportunities. The tools are here at Self Discovery Radio as are the talented people who wish to help you in moving forward in your life. All you have to do is say NO to the excuses and YES to the possibilities that will propel you towards to the life and lifestyle you wish to live. Nothing will change until you embrace the need for change and take a step forward in learning your life traits and options. Sara and my experts are here for you at Self Discovery Radio we are helping you to reignite yourself value and possibilities within you. Are you ready to move forward?



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