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16/34 Is Death the Final Frontier?

Join Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life airing from August 23rd on.

Going HOME

Having recently lost my beautiful soul partner, my dog of 14.7 years which made me look at death from a different view. Death has never worried me, going before unfinished business does, but the crossing to me is just going home.

We gave my Kokomo a beautiful death, she was pampered with a bath, time in my arms with me singing and stroking her telling her how grateful I was that she was in my life and how her love helped me discover love of life and of self. My son made her a steak dinner  followed by ice cream then hugs kisses and a gentle injection and home she went, a beautiful graceful loving exit from the physical realm.

My friend Bill Macquis helped her energy’s spirit transcend and off she went to play in dogie heaven free to chase a ball again, free of pain. We have loads of pictures and she seems to know it was her send of and she was happy we where there for her.

I expected my self to cry to be a mess to come unglued………but I did not, so I thought I would later, but still I did not, was I uncaring? NO…. it is not only death to me is a passage home and I knew she was totally ok and so I was too.

She woke me the next morning, (I was dog sitting my sons and daughter in-laws dog as she was in heat) and my Kokomo got me up saying go for a walk Mum its a beautiful day. We did and when I returned I rearranged my living room in a wild frenzy.  I carry a sadness in my heart but a gladness in my soul, for she is here with me, part of me now and forever more.

My last kiss you can see the love in her eyes and we said our good-byes .

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I will share more with you here NOW

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So why do I not cry at death? Looking back over the years, I never do cry, when my Mama passed last year, I was a bit shaken but no tears, when my Father died I was only 11 y.old, I felt peace as my Mother told me of his passing, then I felt guilt and forced my self to cry. When friends lose a loved one I am one of the first they call as I see death calmly and this gives them strength to deal with their feeling as they prepare for the funeral and transition.

So is death the final FRONTIER? I do not believe so, I believe we go home to the universe into the arms of collective divine energy that embraces our soul renews are spirit before preparing us for another life’s journey. We are all energy interconnected vibration of true love, so saying good bye from a human perspective can be hard, but from a spirits view it is a celebration of a life lived and that journey home into an all empowering collective energy of peace and love.

One of the reasons we find it hard to let people go here is because when we do not connect with spirit, we can only see feel and experience fear and loss which causes us pain and anguish. When we know and feel that divine connection we are already at home within body mind spirit and soul and we do not fear ourselves or our loved ones passing. That does not mean losing someone painfully or too soon won’t hurt, but when you choose to bring spirit in, it will help you heal and for them to transcend in peace and not be worrying about us.

So see all energy as one whole encompassing arena, with each one of us with our unique signature, each one with our own purpose, don’t cry for them, and when you embrace their love with in you, you will know they never left you.

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