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16/31 A Vow of Prosperity

 Sara Troy speaks about Sara’s View of Life aired August 2nd-8th

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Recently I discovered that I had written a vow of poverty that has lasted quite a few life times. It made sense as making or holding on to money has always been hard for me, now I know why.

So now with that contract a thing of the past and my heart soul spirit open to abundance, I am poised on becoming enriched as is my bank account.

I always say that you can make as much money as you can in life, but make sure you seed opportunities for others so they can be enriched too. There is really so much to go around, so much to share, and so much that we can create that enable others to discovery their own possibilities.

I have in previous shows talked about what my desire is in funding a wholeness program for those who can’t afford the services that could help them. Through the Community Enablement program, we will pay for the services of those in our Directory who are spirit teachers, healers, guiders and self discovery mentors, who will help someone get back on to their own feet embracing their whole being. I am not there yet, but soon will be.

So one of the hardest things has been investing in me…..

I am a giver and had to learn to be a receiver, through the years as a host I have received support from my radio guest with books, nutrients, soul guidance and treatments to help me recover and find my own wholeness. I am always wanting to pay back, but realize sometimes it is about paying it forward.

I am always saying oxygenate your self first, your no good to anyone with out your own breath, but did I take a breath my self????? Well now with poverty behind me, abundance invited, a feeling of self worth and a knowledge that receiving is good, I open my arms, mind, heart soul to personal financial and health abundance and to at last live a life of dignity, liberty, freedom in that abundance I speak of to others.

We can’t help others if we are depleted, I have finally embraced my worth, my calling, my purpose in life and I know it is worth being paid for, because I can’t help you on an empty belly nor should I have too.

So ABUNDANCE I am here ready willing able and open to all the value you can bestow upon me.



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